IT is changing. What’s new in that IT have always been changing.

If you look back, earlier IT is considered as cost center, client/ customer need IT service to run/support their business like using ERP, HR, Finance systems. Client always wants to keep IT spending cost as minimum as possible because it has impact on product cost.

So, what change now?

New IT (Cloud, DevOps, Agile, Automation etc..) has change the way. Now IT is not only required to run/ support client/ customer business, but IT feature is now part of product itself (watch – Smart watch, car – Smart cars, Telephone – Mobiles etc..). It means ‘IT’ is no more cost center but Innovation is more important now.

Clients are now looking for the solution which is innovative and help them to reach to market as soon as possible before their competitors. It’s matter of survival.

The traditional IT architectures, support styles, skills, methodologies, business processes and technologies that have enabled IT leaders to withstand past storms are rapidly becoming obsolete. According to Gartner, the transition to Agile, DevOps and Web-scale IT practices is as disruptive to IT as was the adoption of lean practices to manufacturing in the 1980s. IT is scrambling to find people to deal with these changes; 66% of CIO’s say there’s a talent crisis right now. Making matters worse: IT budgets are expected to rise by just 2% in 2016. IT will have to repurpose their existing budgets to respond to this perfect storm and transform the way they operate IT on a large scale

Large-scale Transformation is Essential to Modern Business

  • By 2018, the transition to agile, DevOps and Web-scale IT practices will become as disruptive to IT as the adoption of lean was to manufacture during the 1980’s

  • By 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based and the best offerings will be in the cloud

  • IT budgets are expected to rise by just 2% in 2016

  • 66% of CIOs believe there is a talent crisis right now

Source: “Predicts 2015: Application Development ”, Gartner, November 2014. “IDC FutureScape, Worldwide IT Industry 2016 Predictions”, IDC Research November 2015. “Building the Digital Platform: The 2016 CIO Agenda”, Gartner, October 2016

Expectation of Cloud Applications

  • Availability
  • Hyper-scale
  • Agility

New IT require skill enhancement and change in mind set (way of thinking) or better to say change in People, Process and Product.

People need to enhance their skills, way of working to be convergent with New IT.

Business Process needs to be updated modified to achieve the agility.

Product: there is whole tool set available in the market to support and achieve the agility. DevOps never recommend a specific tool. It depends on the client requirement and their area of expertise. In my point of view before selecting any tool/ product have a detailed assessment, so that tool may also help in your future requirement.

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