This post will help you to quickly understand SonarQube pricing and licening as part of tool assessment.

SonarQube Pricing and Licensing

This post will help you to quickly understand SonarQube pricing and licening as part of tool assessment.

You can browse Plans-and-Pricing to know more in detail.

SonarQube comes into 4 flavors


Community Edition provides developers and development teams with a smart and integrated solution for code review. Its unique leak methodology enables developers to systematically improve maintainability, reliability and security across 9 programming languages through direct integration with popular IDEs, build tools and workflows.

  • Features: Best-in-Class Products: SonarQube, SonarLint, Smart code analysis, Leak approach, Quality gates, Short feedback loop, Build integration (no Configuration approach), IDE integration, Pipeline and promotion

Developer Edition:

Supports 1M+ lines of code. Developer Edition provides innovative features for developers to systematically track and improve code quality. It comes with branch analysis, smart IDE notifications and support for 16 programming languages on top of SonarSource’s industry-leading, open source products.

  • Features: Community addition + Branch analysis, SonarLint smart notifications

Enterprise Edition:

Supports 10M+ lines of code. Enterprise Edition provides key features to manage code quality at the Enterprise level, providing code analyzers for modern and legacy languages, adding executive reporting, governance features and expert technical support to SonarSource’s industry-leading, open source products.

  • Features: Developer Edition + Portfolio organization, Executive reporting, Metrics consolidation

Data Center Edition:

Supports 50M+ lines of code. DataCenter Edition is ideal for mission-critical enterprise deployments that need secure, and reliable code quality management infrastructure. It allows distributed teams to collaborate on large projects by combining SonarSource’s industry-leading, open source code quality and governance tools ensuring maximum uptime and data integrity.

  • Features: Enterprise Edition + Hight Availablity

Lines of Code (LOC)

Community Edition is free. Developer Edition, Enterprise Edition and Data Center Edition are priced per instance per year and based on your lines of code. You pay per instance for a maximum number of lines of code to be analyzed. Determine your max number of LOCs on your edition of choice and see what it will cost you.

LOCs are computed by summing up the LOCs of each project analyzed. The LOCs used for a project are the LOCs found during the most recent analysis of this project.

What will happen if my instance is getting close to or reach the limit of LOCs?

If you are getting close to the threshold you will be notified to either upgrade your plan or reduce the number of LOCs in your projects. If you reach the limit your SonarQube will stop accepting new analyses of projects.

Business Benifits:


  • Full-featured code quality tools for developers.
  • Free and Open Source and broadly adopted.
  • Ideal complement to your development processes.
  • Low learning curve with built-in integration with most popular IDEs and CI tools.
  • Speedy identification and correction of new quality issues in the IDE.
  • Efficient management of technical debt through unique “leak detection” methodology.

Developer Edition

  • Full-featured quality management tool for small or large development teams.
  • Maximum visibility of open issues and quality status through branch analysis features.
  • Increased developer productivity through real-time quality notifications.
  • Ongoing monitoring of project health through browser-based dashboards.

Enterprise Edition

  • Full-featured quality management tool for enterprise software portfolios.
  • Top-down and granular dashboards to monitor project health and risk.
  • Maximum visibility for all stakeholders with fast, efficient analysis and reporting.
  • Rapid issue resolution via expert technical support.
  • Future-proof; all code analyzers included.
  • DevOps integration and developer productivity features.

Data Center Edition

  • Full-featured quality management for enterprise workloads.
  • Maximum uptime with high availability and data integrity.
  • Top-down and granular dashboards to monitor project health and risk.
  • Maximum visibility for all stakeholders with fast, efficient analysis and reporting.
  • Rapid issue resolution and ROI maximization via expert technical support.

Support Option

  • Community: Support is available on a chargeable basis for deployments with fewer than 20 million lines of code.
  • Developer Edition: Optional paid support helps you quickly and effectively resolve problems with your SonarSource deployment. Gain insight into how to use the great features of our products, learn best practices and find specific solutions for your use cases.
  • Enterprise Edition: SonarSource Dedicated Support
  • Data Center Edition: SonarSource Dedicated Support


  • Community - Free
  • Developer Edition:
  • Enterprise Edition:
  • Data Center Edition:


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