DevOps Project - Another exciting feature is now available in public preview.

Build any Azure application, on any Azure service, in less than five minutes.

I see this as an extension of Azure Web App with additional features. Its useful quick starting point, when your team do not have much experience in DevOps practices.

Key benefits of a DevOps Project:

  • Get up and running with a new app and a full DevOps pipeline in just a few minutes
  • Support for a wide range of popular frameworks such as.NET, Java, PHP, Node, and Python
  • Start fresh or bring your own application from GitHub
  • Built-in Application Insights integration for instant analytics and actionable insights
  • Cloud-powered CI/CD using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Behind the scene

By completing a few quick steps, now you have a DevOps Project which includes:

  • Git repository with application code. You can start building your application right away by cloning the application code locally and using an IDE of your choice
  • The necessary Azure resources. For example
  • An Azure DevOps Project

    Web App for Containers or Web App on Windows
    Application Insights
    Azure Container Registry
    Automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Application deployments will be done through continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services.
  • With an auto-generated and fully integrated CI/CD pipeline, your apps are updated each time your source code changes.
  • The right CI definition to build an application written in the framework of your choice. For example, an Express.js application which runs tests, updates npm packages and publishes the artifact.
  • CD definition which deploys to Azure service you selected.
  • Complete end to end traceability from code change to deployment. For example, if a bug is fixed you can track what code change fixed the bug and when that code change got deployed to production.
  • Application Insights integration for monitoring your application to: Help you diagnose issues and understand how application is getting used by your end customers

Step by Step

Search for DevOps Project and create project

Create DevOps Project

Select App Framework

Select App Framework

Bring your own code

Bring your own code

External Git

External Git

Select Framework

Select Framework

Select Service

Select Service

Select/ Create VSTS account


Deployment and Resource groups


Resource group for Web App


Resource group for VSTS



You can see the build and release progress





Once the deployment is completed, Web App and App insight data is available

Web App


App Insight



Watch video for more details

Watch video for more details

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