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Every organization whether its startup or large enterprise across the industries have experienced exponential growth of their data. This data may include employee data, medical records, customer information, financial records, backups, etc.

Data Growth

Customer wants to keep this data for longer duration. This data can be used for analysis and compliance purpose. In NewIT innovation has more importance over the cost, but the same time customer need cost effective options.

Attribute consideration

To manage costs for your expanding storage needs, it’s helpful to organize your data based on attributes like frequency-of-access and planned retention period to optimize costs. Data stored in the cloud can be different in terms of how it is generated, processed, and accessed over its lifetime. Some data is actively accessed and modified throughout its lifetime. Some data is accessed frequently early in its lifetime, with access dropping drastically as the data ages. Some data remains idle in the cloud and is rarely, if ever, accessed once stored.

Azure recently introduce the archive access tier. This tier provides

  • Cost-effectiveness: Archive access tier is our lowest priced storage offering. Customers with long-term storage which is rarely accessed can take advantage of this.

  • Seamless Integration: Customers use the same familiar operations on blobs in the Archive tier as on blobs in the Hot and Cool access tiers. This will enable customers to easily integrate the new access tier into their applications.

  • Durability: All access tiers including Archive are designed to offer the same high durability that you have come to expect from Azure Storage with the same data replication options available today.

  • Security: All data in the Archive access tier is automatically encrypted at rest.

How this help in Backup and archive

  • This helps to keep pace with the exponential growth of your enterprise data while lowering deployment and management costs. With a low-cost, massively-scalable, tiered backup storage solution in the cloud, you will reduce forecasting risks while transforming capital expenditure commitments to a pay-as-you-go cloud model.

  • Move your backup storage to the cloud to save on infrastructure investments for remote and branch offices. Replace expensive intranets with low-cost internet and archive data in your preferred Azure datacenter region across the globe, so that your data is close to your branch office—maintaining enterprise-grade security for data in transit and at rest.

  • Improve your organisation’s productivity by spending less time managing and maintaining your on-premises backup storage infrastructure and software. Simplify backup and data archiving with backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage solutions that easily restore data and applications from the cloud.

  • Take advantage of policies designed to meet your business or regulatory compliance requirements. Benefit from the most comprehensive compliance portfolio available, get more than 99 years of retention for your backup data and pick any Azure region around the globe for your backup and archive location.

About Storage

Azure Blob Storage: Hot, cool, and archive storage tiers

About Pricing

Azure Storage Pricing in detail

Archive Storage General Availability Pricing, GA pricing effective 1, 2018Pricing effective 1st February 2018

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